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You are interested in your biological age?

TruDiagnostic® is for you!

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An evidence based, free age assessment

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We give our health explorers the best in longevity.

We've made and distribute the Green Giant, for real.
Green Giant is the rejuvenation drink with five ingredients curated with Bryan Johnson to support detoxification, boost energy and vitality. For more information, check out the link below.
2,000+ Biohackers gathered in one place
From blood testing to a sourcing list of Blueprint ingredients, we help you get started on Blueprint.
Discord Server
For those who want to be surrounded by experts and get their questions answered instantly. Join 1,000+ founders, teams and explorers improving their health together
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We source the best for you. One limited sale each month.
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Your well-being is the focus at AVA Medical

Not packed
No waiting in line, no rush. You waiting time will be less then 15 min.
No rush
Our Dr. take the time to fully understand you and your challenges!
Fully individualized treatment
We make sure that medication, supplementation, nutrition and everything else is crafted to fit exactly to you.
Telemedical consultation
Your Dr. is there for you, in person or via conference or call.
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