Strengthening the immune system

Immune booster infusion

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        Advantages of immune boosting infusions

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        Increased defenses
        Strengthens the immune system through a targeted supply of immune-boosting nutrients.
        Antioxidant support
        Protects cells from oxidative stress and supports cellular health.
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        Faster recovery from colds
        Accelerates recovery from colds and infections.
        Increased energy and vitality
        Revitalizes and provides energy for the whole day with vitamins and vital substances.
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        What happens during an infusion treatment?



        Your treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation, a detailed medical history and a thorough explanation.



        In a joint consultation, we will discuss your wishes and the initial situation in order to find the right infusion for you. As soon as all questions have been answered, we will start the treatment.



        We will insert an intravenous line through which the infusion will be fed into your body. In the meantime, you can relax on our loungers, read, chat or make phone calls.



        After the infusion has been fully administered, we will remove the access and you can continue your activities without further delay.

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